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Both Rikki LaCoste and Isis LaCoste narrate and voice act for various audio short fiction magazines, such as Pseudopod, Cast of Wonders, StarshipSofa, Tales to Terrify, and the No Sleep Podcast.

Rikki also Audio Produces and Engineers for these and other projects.

If you enjoy the stories, please support the podcasts and CDs themselves. The magazines are paying, publishing markets for authors, and all the money goes towards keeping their servers running, and paying the authors ... and in some rare cases, the narrators.

And the work that Rikki has done, for instance, on John David Hickey's storytelling projects, both musically and in audio production, has been on a volunteer basis, and with the love of the craft. So, if you enjoy the stories and perhaps are moved by them, please support us: first by visiting the artists or the magazines themselves, buying or downloading an album, donating a few bucks, but then coming back here afterwards. The work that narrators, voice actors, and producers do and toil over is time and resource consuming, and we are sometimes left behind in the shadow of these brilliant artists and authors whom we support in out own way. So a small donation of any kind is always appreciated by us tremendously.

(Any Creative Commons license recording here will accept no donation on this forum, by the way. You'll have to donate at the forum where the recording is published. All other recordings under John David "Hobbes Hickey and Kakophonos Internet Radio will accept any donation you're willing to give, with enormous gratitude.

The tracks presented here are intended to be a showcase of Rikki's and Isis' audio narration and voice acting, Rikki's audio production work (oftentimes intertwining), as well as an introduction to - and promotion of - these outstanding audio fiction magazines and storytelling artists themselves. We highly recommend that you follow the links, listen to more amazing stories, and support the podcasts and albums directly.

The stories are (with exceptions) under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license. Which means you can download, keep, share, and promote all you like; but don't modify or sell the material.

In the case of the presentations by John David Hickey, and by Kakophonos Internet Radio, all rights are reserved by the respective authors and performers listed clearly in the show notes.


released November 10, 2015

CAST OF WONDERS | The Young Adult Fiction Podcast

Cast of Wonders is a Parsec award winning audio magazine featuring the best in young adult audio fiction, featuring tales of wonder. It is hosted and edited by Marguerite Kenner.
[© Creative Commons]

DID YOU HEAR THAT? | Spooky Tales by John David "Hobbes" Hickey

“It’s a splendid collection for this time of year. Storyteller Hickey does a fine job of reviving a very old tradition.“ ~ Geeky Godmother www.geekygodmother.ca/apps/blog/entries/show/42737459-spooky-storytelling-
“Many of the tracks contain music and sound effects, creating a feel of old-time radio shows. There’s even a bit of Canadian-influenced history here, too. Fans of creepy storytelling will be satisfied with their purchase of these stories.” ~ Storyteller Dot Net www.storyteller.net/articles/341
[© All rights reserved]

KAKOPHONOS INTERNET RADIO | An Esoterically Flavoured Podcast ... With Stuff
(In Cryogenic Suspension)

Just listen for yourself. It's quite undefinable.
[© All rights reserved ... loosely ... ah what the hell, go ahead.]

THE NO SLEEP PODCAST | Brace Yourself ...

For the dark hours when you dare not close your eyes. Tales of horror to frighten and disturb. Join us as the sleepless hours tick past. Brace yourself … for The NoSleep Podcast. A multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, The NoSleep Podcast features a cast of talented voice actors, rich atmospheric music and sound effects to enhance the frightening tales. Produced and hosted by David Cummings.
[© All rights reserved]

PSEUDOPOD | The Sound of Horror

The world’s premier award winning horror fiction podcast. Pseudopod brings you the best short horror in audio form, to take with you anywhere. It has won the Parsec award twice and has been a finalist six additional times. It is part of Escape Artists, Inc. which also podcasts Escape Pod, PodCastle, and now Cast of Wonders. Pseudopod is currently co-edited by Shawn M. Garrett and Alex Hofelich and hosted by Alasdair Stuart.
[© Creative Commons]

STARSHIPSOFA | The Audio Science Fiction Magazine

Climb aboard the StarShipSofa and let intrepid Captain Tony C. Smith take you on a voyage of wonder! This vessel's cargo hold is filled with the latest & greatest in science fiction short stories, and her engine is fueled by the finest narrators in all of known space. It was the first ever podcast to be both nominated for and to win a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. StarShipSofa was also nominated for Best Fan Podcast in the 2007 Parsec Awards.
[© Creative Commons]

TALES TO TERRIFY | The Audio Horror Fiction Magazine

Tales to Terrify is a weekly horror-themed podcast hosted by award-winning horror writer, Lawrence Santoro until his untimely death, and presently by Stephen Kilpatrick. It is a nominee and finalist of the Parsec Award, and winner of the Podcast Of The Year award. Tales is produced by Tony C. Smith, the owner-host of the Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa.
[© Creative Commons]



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: StarShipSofa - "Chasing Satellites," by Anthony R Cardno | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

Stranded colonists face the possibility of a complete loss of communications with Earth. Cardno's tale is a solid story of a colony that has been too-long ignored by Earth, and their one connection - via a satellite - to Earth is in danger. When a group go into orbit to try and rectify what's wrong, a greater truth - and a potentially greater disaster - are waiting for them.
Track Name: Tales To Terrify - "The Beast With Five Fingers," by William F Harvey (part 1) | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
A well off English bachelor receives a legacy from his uncle. This includes the uncle's very large library and a box containing something that used to belong to his uncle. The box has air holes in it. It is not a rat or other small mammal for his collection, but it is something still alive; something very malevolent and something very evil.
Track Name: Tales To Terrify - "The Beast With Five Fingers," by William F Harvey (part 2) | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
A well off English bachelor receives a legacy from his uncle. This includes the uncle's very large library and a box containing something that used to belong to his uncle. The box has air holes in it. It is not a rat or other small mammal for his collection, but it is something still alive; something very malevolent and something very evil.
Track Name: The No Sleep Podcast - "Duncan Dan the Punk'in Man," by Dustin Chisholm (clips) | VOICE ACTING by Rikki & Isis LaCoste
The narrator’s friend, Mara, suffers the disappearance of her younger brother, Tyler. While trick or treating one night, they came upon Duncan Dan’s house, a man who is well known for his elaborate pumpkin carvings. Mara is disturbed to find the face of her little brother carved into one of the pumpkins and she decides that they are going to smash them. They have no idea what they've gotten themselves into.
Track Name: StarShipSofa - "If At First ..." by Peter F Hamilton | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

When tech genius Marcus Orthew’s Richmond research center is broken into by longtime stalker Toby Jensen, the case lands on the desk of Metropolitan Police Chief Detective David Lanson. In the interrogation room, Jensen makes some rather outlandish claims. Chief among them: that his boyhood friend Orthew is building a time machine. While lieutenants Paul Mathews and Carmen Galloway dismiss Jensen as crazy, Lanson is unsettled by the circumstantial – yet creepy – evidence he brings to the table. Against his better judgment, Lanson gets a warrant for Orthew’s second lab…and that’s when his world goes sideways.
Track Name: Cast of Wonders - "Amicae Aeternum," by Ellen Klages | NARRATION, PRODUCTION, & MUSIC by Rikki LaCoste | VOICE ACTING by Isis LaCoste & Fiona Van Verth

When one embarks on a long, one-way journey, there is loss and there are people left behind. Klages provides a tender story about two girls, one of whom is setting out with her parents on a Generation Starship. She has a bucket list of things she wants to do before departure day, and it’s a bittersweet final morning as she and her friend head out on their bikes, in an adept, tender story.
Track Name: Pseudopod - "Tradition," by L M Ball | NARRATION by Isis LaCoste
About the story:
"Winter holidays are usually such a happy time, I wanted to try and do something seasonal that was a lot darker. I’ve always liked the pagan tradition of bringing in evergreens to give nature spirits a place to live during the cold weather and this story really came out of that idea- manifesting the rituals into something a lot more sinister and corporeal. I find the loss of control and fear that comes with this setting quite unsettling.” ~L. M. Ball
Track Name: Pseudopod - "Party at the Witch House," by Richard Kellum | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
A boy moves into a new town, starts at a new school, and moves into a new house. At school, he gets into fights with the bullies. One day he finds out that the new house he lives in is known locally as "the witch house." This gives him an idea ... for a little payback.
Track Name: Pseudopod - "Jack and the Bad Man," by Annie Neugebauer | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
Jack can be good for one day. But two days ... the trouble with not causing trouble is that a lot builds up inside you and gets too big for your guts. Three whole days is a mistake. Mama warns Jack that if he doesn't behave himself, the Bad Man will come and take him away. One day, the Bad Man showed up.
Track Name: Did You Hear That? - "The Hall of Wonders," told by JD Hobbes | PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

A creature story amidst the ruins of post-Civil War Charleston, where a mysterious apothecary decides to build a marine attraction unlike anything anyone had seen before.
Track Name: Did You Hear That? - "Fionn MacCool and the Old Man," told by JD Hobbes | PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

Finn and his loyal Fianna find themselves at a lonely house in the woods. Finn asks the old man who answers the door to allow them lodgings for the night. Little do they know who this old man, beautiful young woman, or the goat truly are.
Track Name: Did You Hear That? - "The Dead Don't Pay," told by JD Hobbes | PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
Ted's favourite part of being a paper boy was delivering the paper to old Mrs Tremblay's house, who would always invite him in for cookies and treats. One day Mrs Tremblay died. Yet, her name was still on the list of addresses for paper deliviery. Only, the address was no longer the home where she lived. It was the address where she was buried six feet under.
Track Name: Did You Hear That? - "Skeleton Woman," told by JD Hobbes | PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
"The Skeleton Woman is an Inuit tale of healing, made more public by Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s famous book, Women Who Run With the Wolves. In brief the tale describes a harrowing journey in which the heroine is left for dead under the sea but is caught by a fisherman whose initial horror turns to compassion. Her life is thus restored and she returns with renewed vigour and a great capacity to enrich life itself. This tale is rich in meaning and very important to many women in their journeys."

~ Françoise A. Cloutier, Jungian Psychoanalyst, from her lecture "The Skeleton Woman: Healing Through Relating."
Track Name: Pseudopod - "Helpers," by David Steffen | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

Children shouldn't walk alone at night, not when Pete's around. But not all is what it seems. Pete has a job to do, and in "Helpers" by David Steffen, some jobs require a little assistance.
Track Name: Pseudopod - "The Suicide Witch," by Vylar Kaftan | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
About the Story:
A witch/mortician enslaved to a Duke in a feudal-China-inspired fantasy world, seizes a chance to escape from bondage when the Duke's son comes to her for aid that only she can render.
Track Name: Kakophonos - "Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200ml," by A Chappell | NARRATED & PRODUCED by Rikki LaCoste
Excerpt from the Review:
"After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly Rastafarian I decided to take the plunge and buy some of this as previous shaving attempts had only been mildly successful and I nearly put my back out trying to reach the more difficult bits. Being a bit of a romantic I thought I would do the deed on the missus's birthday as a bit of a treat.
I ordered it well in advance and working in the North Sea I considered myself a bit above some of the characters writing the previous reviews and wrote them off as soft office types...oh my fellow sufferers how wrong I was ..."
Track Name: Kakophonos - "The Trollwife's Tear," by DJ Conway | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste
Excerpt from the story:
"It was a sad time for Beth as she climbed the little hill behind her house. In her arms was her cat and friend Smoky, carefully wrapped in his favorite blanket. A little grave was already dug on the hill, waiting, for Smoky had died that day ... 'Dying is part of the cycle of life, you know.' One of the boulders on the hill stirred into life."
Track Name: Pseudopod - "Always Grinning," by Nathaniel Lee | NARRATION & PRODUCTION by Rikki LaCoste

Jay was walking home from work, when he saw something horrible in a window just above him. Should he just walk away? And if he does, will it follow him home?
Track Name: "Rikki and Wolf on NFR," by Rikki LaCoste | VOICE ACTING & PRODUCTION
About this recording:

Rikki was invited to be a guest on the show on March 6th, 2011. This one episode was fraught with technical difficulties, which he volunteered to edit, fix, and audio produce. Rikki then snuck this little recording in, with Wolf, at the end of the show, as a surprise.

Dark Discussions – First paranormal round table (page):

Audio MP3:
Track Name: Kakophonos Internet Radio - "Vril Stein Brüe: Sinterklaas und Krampus," by Rikki LaCoste

Zo, I am Sinterklaas, und me und mein kompanion Krampus kom to Rikki haus vile he schleepink. Ve vake him up! Ho ho ho! Anyvay, lissn to ze kommerzielle. Zer is a batle mit him as he trise to opöse me. Ho ho. It is mein fävorit part!!!
Track Name: Kakophonos Internet Radio - "Yule, Santa, and His Goons," by Rikki LaCoste

This recording was the intro for Kakophonos Internet Radio's 2010 Christmas episode, ambitiously exploring the origins of the festival we now call Christmas throughout the ages. It also delves into the origins of Santa Claus, and his various (and often terrifying) helpers; and finally the North American folk traditions of Santa today.