The Wychwood Sessions

by Panthea

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This compilation of Panthea and Wychwood Children music has been released in commemoration of my friend and sister Dana Lisa Rondeau, who succumbed to cancer today, on Thursday August 9th, 2012.

The Wychwood Sessions is an enchanting collaboration between Rikki LaCoste and Jenny Robert. Between 2011 and 2012 Rikki and Jenny teamed up to create the Magickal Musick project, Wychwood Children. Although no longer active since August 2012, you can still listen to more Wychwood Children musick at, and they also have a Facebook Group Page. The songs on this album, The Wychwood Sessions, were written and/or arranged by Rikki LaCoste of Panthea.

Dana Lisa Rondeau struggled with physical and emotional issues for most of her life before she finally succumbed to cancer today. Yet, she always threw herself into a life full of help and compassion and joy, and forever appreciated the wonders and the gifts that life brought to her and to others. This is who she was, and is, and that is how she will always be remembered by her countless friends and admirers, of whom I count myself.

Thank you Dana, for everything you have done, and for who you were, who you are, and what you will become.

~ Rikki LaCoste
Blessed Be and 93


released August 9, 2012


Fantastic photography by John Santos of Green Bee Media, gratefully used with permission and blessings. Thank you Natalie Rubyhill of The Blue Raven Drummers, Sea J Natural of The Wychwood Collective, and Christopher Crumb, all of whom were involved in the "Pow-Wow Song." Recorded and engineered by Rikki LaCoste at Super Moon Studios.

A very special thanks to Greg Currie and Storm, and those of you who have been a part of Wychwood Children, performing with us, inspiring us, teaching us, and believing in us. Thank you!

All songs on this album except Pow-wow and Ani Couni, are Copyright Rikki LaCoste and Panthea, according to Canadian and international copyright laws. Panthea is Canadian, eh!



all rights reserved


Panthea Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Flying


Broken and smashed down to zero
It's been two years, and through such fears, and tears
to come back around

Once was a man, was a hero
Now fear of heights, oh hold on tight, the fright
of falling down to the ground

I could fly
or at least I could try
I could fly
or at least I could try
If I try, I might crash through the sky!

Two souls collide into a feeling
The Current's strong, this can't be wrong, a song
Calloused heart open wide

Oh ecstasy! Spinning and reeling!
Inside her room, the Super Moon, is it too soon
to let someone inside?

We could fly
or at least we could try
We could fly
we could give it a try
If we try, we might crash through the sky!

Oh, we are divine precious children
Despite the years, behind such fears, and tears
shine the eyes of a god

Oh gods! Have we lost our vision?
The will and wisdom of a child, carefree and wild,
eternal and beyond

You can fly
or at least you can try
You can fly
or at least you can try
If you try you might crash through the sky

I can fly
I can fly! I can fly!

Flying, flying ...

We are children with the eyes of a god.

If we try we might crash through the sky.
Track Name: The Cuckoo
The cuckoo, he sits on his perch in the hole at the door to his home.
That's the clock.
It goes tick-tock.

If I could, I would stop the passage of time,
so I would be able to recapture the memories I've lost.

But I sit on my perch in the hole at the door to my home.
That's the clock.
It goes tick-tock.

The cuckoo, he sits in anticipation of the impending time situation.

The cuckoo, he knows it is time to move on and to spread its old wings and to fly back to heaven.

The cuckoo, alas, he is made out of wood like the door to his home.
That's the clock.
It goes tick-tock.
Track Name: Castaway


Got to keep it together
I am sailing on the open sea
Navigating the ocean
And I’ll sail …
Find an island just for me

Run aground on this island
Isolated, I am free
I’m alone on this island
Left the pain far behind me
A castaway I’ll be!

I am
A castaway
So a castaway I’ll be

I stand on this island
Feel the soft sand on the beach
I sit on this island
Smell the clean wind that’s blowing
Through the grass and round the leaves

I lie on this island
Mighty waves against me beat
I’m asleep on this island
The caress of the sunshine
I am swaddled in the heat

I am
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Sandy surf, and sun, and breeze

I am an island
I’m alone and I am free
I am an island
And you will never find me
And my shores you’ll never see

You can’t
You can’t ever hurt me
You can’t hurt me any more

Got to keep it together.
Track Name: Apple Seed

Apple Seed

There's a castle silhouetted in an antic light.
Can you see it under the silver canopy of night?
Even though its walls are crumbled in arcana,
It's a seed within the apple of nostalgia.
within the apple

There's a castle atop the mountain where I was born.
From that vista you can see olive trees and distant storms.
There, the devils sit on the clouds, spinning the dust below,
And the angels shoot flaming apples, their trails aglow.
shoot flaming apples

There's a castle: ancestral footmen guarding well their posts.
Generations: six hundred years living amid their ghosts.
I am named Ricardo Manuel Ramos Costa.
Like the apple, I fell here from Penha Garcia.
eu venho da Penha Garcia
Track Name: Ani Couni

Ani Couni

Ani couni chaouani
Awawa bikana caïna
E aouni bissini

[Ani’qu ne’chawu’nani’
Awa’wa biqāna’kaye’na
Iyahu’h ni’bithi’ti]

Quand le soir descend au village indien
Le sorcier apparaît dans la vallée
Et le voilà qui arrive!

When evening fell upon this native land
Into the trees went the medicine man
Touching the ground with his hand